What Is Spotter?

The Only Racer Platform that Provides Full Track Flag Conditions in Real Time to the Driver

Spotter is a mobile application that provides full itinerary, announcements, and real time updates for professional/amateur race car drivers. While they are driving, a forced full screen display appears on their phones whether or not the app is running - this includes full screen real time track information including flagging conditions. Spotter is also used as a modern function to give any audience immediate updates and constant orientation during any event. When people feel involved with immediacy they pay more attention. Spotter gives you an increased level of connection to your audience, meaning deeper engagement, connection, and a much more loyal following.

Live Race Flag Conditions

Always-on, full screen real time track information including flagging conditions.

Live Track Announcements

Spotter gives each driver a full track itinerary, real time announcements, and real time updates as they become available.

Easy Installation

Two simple (and cheap!) pieces are required. You can buy them here, and here.

Race Drivers

You can simply download and launch the app. Spotter will do the rest!

Race Organizations

You can send flags and track announcements to any track in the world by logging into our website.

Use Your Existing Mount

RacerCaster uses components from Ram Mounts to build our systems, but nearly any commercially available mount will work.

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Available on App Store and Play Store

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How Does It Work?

Once you have installed the app on your phone and signed up, mount your smartphone on your dash anywhere you like (just like you would for a GPS app).  Using the RacerCast platform and your mobile data connection, flags are sent instantly from Race Control to you.  It's like having a flag worker in the car with you!

So I see every flag, instantly?

Yes!  Regardless of where you are on track, a simple glance tells you the state of every corner on the track, before the flag station even comes into view.  This invaluable information helps you make better decisions, earlier, and helps everyone have a safer on track experience.  Even a few seconds warning can save a wreck, or even avoid a DQ!

Android and iPhone users can find the free app in the Google Play store or App Store by searching for Spotter! by RacerCaster Inc.

Come join us at NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance

NASA has teamed up with RacerCaster to offer the amazing in car flagging platform Spotter to provide critical info to drivers in real-time.

"The 2014 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance is celebrating its eleventh running. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA), who sanctions the race, started from humble beginnings in 1991, hosting only high performance driving events. However, that did last long as the two founders, Ali Arsham and Jerry Kunzman, had dreams-and big dreams they were. By 1993, the pair held their first endurance race under the newly formed NASA name. While the high performance driving aspect continued to grow, as did the sprint racing program, it was the lure of endurance racing that these two gentlemen knew was special. Soon they started hosting longer and longer races and by 1998 the Timex 12 Hours of Thunderhill Raceway was born."

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This year, all drivers are highly recommended to use Spotter during the race.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Mount

If you have a phone mount already, you're set! If not, we hear the RAM Mounts work well. If you're extra-creative, take a look at this, and this!
No matter how you decide to mount your phone, make sure that it's comfortably within the driver's field of vision.

Step 2: Wiring

Two simple (and cheap!) pieces are required. You can buy them here, and here.

Step 3: App!

Download the free app!

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